A first of its kind! $CARB is the first ZRC2 Token to offer staking.

Automatic Restaking

By default we automatically restake your rewards. Adding them to your stake and doing so without fees to you.

WithdrAwals STill Pay

Unlike Zil staking, we still pay rewards to you while you are waiting for the unbonding period to complete.

IMMEDIATE Withdrawals

We allow you to access your CARB immediately if you need it. However, there is a penalty fee to be paid.

Staking Information

Contract Address: carbonstaking.zil (zil18r37xks4r3rj7rzydujcckzlylftdy2qerszne)
Blocks in Epoch: 2500 blocks (aprox 1 day)
APR: 15%
Bonus Rewards
: 1% every 10 epochs
Unbonding Period: 25000 blocks (aprox 10 days)
Unbonding APR: 7%
Instant Withdrawal Penalty Fee: 10.41% of staked amount



What is the minimum amount of $CARB I can stake?

50 $CARB is the current minimum amount. This may change in the future.

How long do I have to wait before I start earning staking rewards?

Unlike Zilliqa staking we do not have a buffer time. The $CARB you stake will be included into the current cycle.

How long does it take to withdraw MY STake?

Withdrawing is 10 epochs long. But you can also do an instant withdrawal if you are willing to pay the penalty fee.

Do I still earn rewards while waiting for my withdrawal?

Yes. But the rate is reduced to 7% and you will not earn the 1% bonus or any penalty fee rewards if you do not have an active stake.

How is the penalty fee calculated?

Currently the penalty fee is 10.41% of your staking amount. There is a base fee of 10% of your staked amount + (Unbonding period * (APR / 365))

What happens to the penalty fee?

The penalty fee is evenly distributed to all current stakers that have an active stake.

Is the penalty fee automatically added to my stake?

No. You will have to claim it and then stake it yourself if you want to.

How Do I stop the automatic staking so i can withdraw My Rewards?

You can turn automatic staking off, your rewards will then be available for you to claim manually when the current cycle period has completed.

What is an active stake?

An active stake is any stake that is not currently being withdrawn (unbonded).

Have Questions About STAKING?

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