Avatar puts you back in control of your online identity! You should be able to access the internet freely without having to give up your personal information. Your unique blockchain address is the key to an internet that you want!


We are going to be rewriting our whitepaper for AVATAR. The original version that was can be read here.

Project Plan

Better than a roadmap, we let you see exactly what we are working on by having access to our project plan here.

Latest Update

You are now able to reserve your own Avatar Names. There is no limit to the number of names you can reserve.

AVATAR! Name Reservation

Contract Address: zil1uydxkvz6xgl0tk9nm4vep5j4j5u4xpehq38h58
Referrer: carbon
Price: 100 ZIL

You can now reserve your AVATAR! name. The cost is currently 100 ZIL (paying in carb will be available soon). There is no limit to the number of names you can reserve. When you have reserved a name you will be able to earn referral rewards for getting other people to reserve their names.

For every name reservation done with your referral, you will earn 20% of either $CARB or $ZIL (depending on what was used for payment).

Your avatar name will come with its own unique visual representation. In the future we will have a number of different styles you will be able to choose from.