Unlimited Token Offer

An honest, fairer and safer alternative to other token sale methods

Unlimited Token Offer (UTO) is an honest, fairer and safer alternative to token launches. It also provides a model of operation that can be used as the basis of a DAO.

With an ICO (ILO, ITO, IFO etc), when the token sale is complete, all of the money raised is handed over to the company that launched the ICO. At this point they can simply walk away with the money without producing anything. The incentive to implement the project is diminished when the company already has access to millions of dollars already.

It puts more control in the hands of the contributors.
Contributors can at any stage withdraw their investment less the tokens already assigned to the UTO Beneficiary.
No need for an exchange to buy and sell tokens.
Because you can always sell your tokens back to the contract, there is no need for an exchange.
The value of the token is locked in.
The token value is real and locked into the contract, auditing this value is simple and can be done by anyone at anytime. The value is not prone to large swings, it is pegged to the base token (typically ZIL) held within the contract.
Price can only increase
The price can never decrease below what you paid.

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