A unique & fair governance model that encourages participation by paying you to vote.

Our unique and fair governance platform. Giving holders a real voice.

Through your votes, you will have the power of change in your hands. Working together to improve the ecosystem as a whole.

Your votes will also be rewarded in recognition of the value they provide. Every vote will earn you more governance tokens.

Quadractic Voting Model
Quadratic voting is a collective decision-making procedure which involves individuals allocating votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences.
Paid to Vote
You will get paid to vote.
Whale protection built in
Graphite ensures that whales can not easily manipulate the vote to go against the masses. The economic cost to do so is very high.

You have questions? We have answers.

Please read through our FAQs, they should answer any questions you have.
Who can put forward a proposal?

Anyone that is willing to pay the proposal fee is allowed to add a proposal.

Will all proposals be accepted?

There will be a vetting process, we are not for example going to allow proposals that relate to giving away $CARB or that come with an expectation of creating a completely new service or feature.

Who can vote?

Because there is the opportunity to earn $GRAPH from voting, we need to ensure that people do not create new addresses for the purpose of voting only. Therefore, you will have had to register an Avatar Name to be able to vote.

Are votes anonymous?

Because your vote will be done by transferring $GRAPH , it is viewable on the blockchain. However, we are also looking into the usage of our blackhole technology to be able to allow for anonymous voting as well.

How long do proposals last?

At this stage we have decided that we will have 3 time periods - 3days, 7days and 14days.

Can I change or remove my vote?

We have given this careful consideration and have decided that you would not be allowed to change or remove your vote once cast. If we were to allow this, then voting manipulation would be possible.