Blackhole improves transaction privacy.

Improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses.

Zilliqa, like Bitcoin and Ethereum is fully public and visible. This means that, due to this high level of transparency, just about anyone can track a user's spending habits with their public address, and if they wanted to expose their transaction history, they'd only require the user details on a single transaction to make that happen.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they know the personal information of a user, of course, due to the pseudonymous nature of public addresses, but it still leaves something to be desired from the more privacy-oriented crypto users.

Blackhole aims to solve the privacy problem of transparent blockchains through by enabling private transactions.

Transfer funds privately
Transfer funds between your wallets without leaving a direct link between your wallets.
Send funds privately
Send funds to anyone without knowing their wallet address. Simply give them the "key" to the funds held within blackhole
Use CarbSwap with Blackhole
Exchange your crypto for any other crypto privately directly within CarbSwap

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