Avatar puts you back in control of your online identity!

Avatar puts you back in control of your online identity!

You should be able to access the internet freely without having to give up your personal information.

In this day and age, it seems everyone knows more about us than we know ourselves. Companies are collecting data about us as much as they can and matching it to our known identities (email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts etc etc).

We should not be complacent about giving out this information as easily as we do now. The data is collected by (and in many cases sold to) thousands of companies from around the world. Companies that we know nothing about, know far too much about ourselves.

Metaverse Ready. One Avatar - Multiple Worlds
Use your avatar everywhere. No need to create new accounts.
Secure Login
A one click, cryptographically secure login solution that does not require prior registration.
Data Protection
Your data is yours, you own it and you control it.
Data Monetisation
Get paid for your data. No more middle men selling your data without your knowledge.
Personalised Anonymity
The connected world your way. Giving you the ability to use your unique data in a way that allows for high levels of relevant personalisation in a manner that allows for anonymity and complete control over your own data.

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