Crypto Wallet. dApp Explorer.

Because getting started with crypto should be easy.

When we looked at other wallets, we didn't see an easy way to get started. While for seasoned crypto guys and gals it may normal. The normal process is not easy. It involves a process of installing browser plugins, downloading apps etc. We wanted to make it easy as possible. Alchemy is our approach.

We are only at the beginning though. We have a lot more planned for Alchemy, we have made it easy to get a new wallet. But what about funding that wallet? Using it to receive money? Paying others? Buying crypto. And how do you secure your wallet or use it on another device you may own? These are all questions that any new user (as well as seasoned users) have.. we want these questions to be easily answered.

No plugin needed
You do not need to install a browser plugin.
Mobile friendly
Alchemy works on every popular mobile browser.
Native support for our dApps
All of our own dapps will be accessible through Alchemy for the best experience possible.

You have questions? We have answers.

Please read through our FAQs, they should answer any questions you have.
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