One of the first ZRC-2 tokens. $CARB is a utility token that is used to power a number of innovative products, services and tools developed (being developed) by Carbon Labs.



Fully Diluted: -



- in last 24hrs



- ZIL / - CARB

* Data pulled from ZilStream


Contract Address: zil1hau7z6rjltvjc95pphwj57umdpvv0d6kh2t8zk
Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 10 000 000
Circulating Supply: xxx

WHAT is $CARB used for?

$CARB will be used as the preferred payment method in exchange of all products, services and tools being developed by Carbon Labs. It is also our governance token.


At the moment the only exchange that $CARB is only available through is ZilSwap. But as you can see below, you will soon be able to buy / sell $CARB directly through the Carbon Treasury. Once you have some $CARB, you will have different opportunities to earn more through our staking program, referring people to purchase their own Avatar Names using your referral. You can even earn $CARB by voting in our governance portal - Graphite.


There will only ever be 10 million $CARB in existence. These have all be mined already and will be disbursed as below. $CARB will be used to power every product or service that we create. These products and services will be powered by our unique UTO Model, which was developed as a fair token distribution method. You can read more about the UTO Model here.

Below is an overview that shows the flow of $CARB throughout the entire CARBON ecosystem. Please read further below for more details about each component.

$CARB Distribution

This is one of the most important part of the entire system, we need to get $CARB distributed as far and wide as we can. We have devised a number of different ways to distribute $CARB.

1. Staking Rewards

Initially 2 million $CARB will be assigned to the staking contracts to be used to pay rewards to people that have staked their $CARB. However, additional $CARB will be transferred automatically from the Vault. You can read more about the Vault below.
Our staking program is the first ZRC-2 staking available and has some unique features when compared to Zilliqa staking that you may be more familiar with. Read more about staking your $CARB.

2. LP Rewards

Every week 20,000 $CARB will be used to distribute rewards to Liquidity Providers. 1 million $CARB will be assigned to the LP Rewards program which guarantees that rewards will be available for at least 50 weeks. To learn more about how our LP Rewards program works please click here.


ZilSwap is the main AMM Dex (Automated Market Maket Decentralised Exchange) for the Zilliqa blockchain. We initially provided the liquidity ourselves and still have a large amount in the pool. However, through our LP Rewards we now have a number of different people providing liquidity. We will continue to add liquidity to the pool until a total of 100K $CARB has been added to the pool. It is important that we do this to ensure stabilising the price and reducing slippage.


UniSwap is a popular AMM Dex (Automated Market Maket Decentralised Exchange) for the Ethereum blockchain. Soon, we expect to have a bridge between Zilliqa and Ethereum. When that is available, then we will provide liquidity to Uniswap. This will be done by creating an ERC20 token with the same vitals as the current ZRC2 token.

There will only be 100,000 $CARB created as an ERC20 token, and at the time that these are created, we will burn 100,000 ZRC2 $CARB tokens, ensuring that there are still only 10 million $CARB in existence.


Graphite is our own governance platform. After looking at other governance models being utilised, we decided we had to come up with something better and something fairer. So we have a model that does not rely on a seperate governance token, $CARB is our governance token.

We also utilise Quadractic Voting in a unique manner that we are calling "eventual community democracy", a method that ensures that the majority of the community is satisfied.

The final piece of the equation is recognising that your voice and your time is important, and so you will actually be paid to participate in the voting. Find out more about Graphite here.


Initially our operations wallet will receive 300,000 $CARB. It is used to cover the costs of operations including but not limited to paying ZIL fees related to LP and Staking Rewards, cover the cost of hosting our websites and various apps, paying for development work, paying for marketing, legal expenses, contract audits.

Each week 1000 $CARB will be sold in exchange for ZIL on ZilSwap and/or UniSwap. This will allow us to acquire ZIL needed to cover costs as above as well as distribute more $CARB into the AMM pools.

Ongoing, the operations wallet will receive fees from running Graphite and from the Treasury when the Treasury sells any $CARB directly. More details about how this works are detailed below (see Graphite and The Treasury)


The Treasury has several responsibilities. Based off our UTO Model, it allows for the trading of $CARB directly with guaranteed prices - no slippage and you will never have to sell less than the price you paid. $ZIL received for the purchase  of $CARB made through the Treasury is transferred to the Operations Wallet.

When $CARB is sold back to the Treasury, that $CARB needs to be removed from the Treasury to ensure price is not affected. Price within the Treasury is determined automatically by the ratio of $CARB and $ZIL held by the Treasury. For example, if there is 100 $CARB and 1000 $ZIL in the Treasury then each $CARB is worth 10 $ZIL - so if someone sells 10 $CARB to the Treasury, the Treasury will pay 100 $ZIL. And the treasury needs to move 20 $CARB to the Vault to make sure that the price is maintained, after moving the $CARB and paying the $ZIL, then the Treasury has 900 $ZIL and 90 $CARB.

If the Treasury receives $CARB as payment, then 2 x the amount of $CARB received will be moved from the Treasury to the Vault. So for example, if the Treasury has 100 $CARB and 1000 $ZIL, then each $CARB is worth 10 $CARB. If someone pays 10 $CARB then that 10 $CARB and a further 10 $CARB (total 20 $CARB) will be moved to the Vault, leaving 90 $CARB and 1000 $ZIL in the treasury. So each $CARB is now worth 11.11 $ZIL and is the price anyone new will have to pay if they want to purchase $CARB from the Treasury. It will also be the price that you anyone can sell their $CARB back to the Treasury,

If the Treasury receives $ZIL as payment, then no $CARB is added or removed. For example, if the Treasury has 100 $CARB and 1000 $ZIL, then each $CARB is worth 10 $CARB. If someone pays 100 $ZIL, then the Treasury now has 100 $CARB and 1100 $ZIL, making the price of each $CARB now worth 11 $ZIL. And this will be the new price that anyone new will have to pay if they want to purchase $CARB from the Treasury. It will also be the price that you anyone can sell their $CARB back to the Treasury.


The Vault will initially receive 2.5 million $CARB. The $CARB held is used to automatically top up the amount of $CARB available for staking rewards. (This means that at a minimum 45% of $CARB will be distributed through staking rewards.)

The vault will receive more $CARB directly (and automatically) from The Treasury as detailed above. This means we have an ongoing supply of $CARB being recycled. We also consider that the $CARB held in the Vault essentially reduces the circulating supply.