Everyday more and more people are joining us, believing in the vision of Carbon Labs and what CARBON offers to everyone. We are passionate individuals from around the world that want to see change, we want the world to be a better place, a fairer place, a kinder place.

Founded in 2020 Carbon Labs revived the ideas that its founder, Adam Martin, had been developing several years earlier under the name Liberation Online.

Originally developing those ideas on the Ethereum network around 3 years ago but having to stop development due to the increasing and impractical costs of the gas fees.

Early 2020, Adam came across Zilliqa and saw the opportunity with the ZRC-2 token standard of being able to continue development.

Starting development slowly on Zilliqa, CARBON was one of the first ZRC2 tokens on zilswap. We have more recently added to the team and have significantly ramped up development.