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From not knowing how, to not knowing you are.

What we are working on now

Working on implementing GRPH and CARB staking into alchemy to make it easier for all stakers to interact.
Fixing minor UI / UX issues. Also, making it so that you do not require logging in to be able to access. Implementing Avatar connect for ease of access.
Working on adding more content. This will be a constant task :)

What next?

Migrate reserved avatar names to the new Avatar NFT smart contract. Change pricing model to stable coin pricing.
Carbon Proofs
Working on getting the beta completed, remaining tasks are to upload the encrypted file to IPFS / SiaNet, produce the Proof Certificate and store the file hash on the blockchain.
Graphene is a major undertaking. To see what we are working on, please visit the Graphene page to find out more.

And later?

A unique & fair governance model that encourages participation by paying you to vote.
Unlimited Token Offer
An honest, fairer and safer alternative to other token sale methods

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas

We are constantly thinking up new ideas of what we could bring to market. We list them here, not as a promise that they will come to market, but rather as an insight to the kind of things we are looking into. As such, there is very little information about what these ideas are about. Keep an eye on them though.. if we decide to progress forward, they will go into the "later" stage of our roadmap.

Asset Identification, Management and Protection